About Roots Tennis

17 years ago at the age of 15, Stuart Grice (head coach) began as a group leader on the holiday clubs held at next generation health and fitness club. Within a couple of years Stuart became a tennis coach and was appointed leader across the whole holiday club.

At the age of 19, Stuart was appointed head coach at Croston Tennis Club. This began his journey of camps in the Croston and Eccleston areas. He started very small at Croston Sports Club and eventually in 2008 made the move to Eccleston St Mary’s.

Over the years he has coached and looked after many children some of who are now in their 20s. The up side of this is now those who started with him 10 years ago have returned as staff.

Outside of Sports Camp, Roots Tennis delivers PE and tennis coaching in the local primary schools. We help and advise teachers where needed on sporting and multi-sports activities that can be used in lessons. We adapt and make all our activities age appropriate and inclusive of ability, This is something we pride ourselves in.

We love the engagement from the children we work with, each with different characters, abilities and interests both in sports and non-sports.